Following the resounding success of their landmark retrospective at The Brownston Gallery, Devon, the Jean Jones Estate is proud to announce the launch of their forthcoming virtual exhibition, “Jean Jones: The Myth of the Tortured Genius”. The exhibition – produced in collaboration with the Perspective Project – will explore the oft-romanticised relationship between creativity and mental illness, using the life and work of the late British painter Jean Jones (1927-2012) as a prism through which to interrogate the problematic myth of the “tortured genius”.
Using a carefully curated combination of original artwork, archival and interview material, this interactive exhibition will seek to challenge the culturally pervasive and often glamourised connection between psychological illness and creativity, and to propose instead, a more sensitive, productive vision of art’s place in the promotion of mental wellbeing.


View the interactive experience, here.

Please note, whilst the exhibition works on mobile and tablet, it is optimised for desktop.